Or How to reply to your CEO : — Good idea! It will be released next week. — Awesome, I love that 💕!

Let’s Go !

When you want to deliver features every week, you have to produce the ideation in 1 week, the design, the quality code, the Quality control, and deployment. Unfortunately, these steps cannot be produced at the same time but we can try to improve!

Perfect communication in your product team

At Weet, we are a fully remote team, and we have different…

Tips 1: Adapt your seat for your luminosity

I live in San Francisco, the luminosity can really change during the day. It can be dark the morning…

Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA/Webstorm/PhpStorm, VSCode, Sublime Text and Atom for VueJS


1 — Converting a simple video

ffmpeg -i video.mov out.mp4
  • -i input file : this is the input file to proceed
  • out.mp4 : this is the file generated by ffmpeg

Jeremy Rouet

Hi, I’m Jeremy Rouet. I’m CTO / cofounder at https://weet.co and https://speach.me. I love imagining new features / concepts.

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