I’m working in a full remote position and I’m CTO of a Video / Screen recording tool (Weet). So I ‘m literally in front of the webcam every hour of my day! I read everywhere that the Mac’s webcam is really bad. So I bought a new one on amazon… (60$). Unfortunately my video quality doesn’t really change. This is a short story about how you can have a better video quality on your visio or video recording without spending money!

Tips 1: Adapt your seat for your luminosity

I live in San Francisco, the luminosity can really change during the day. It can be dark the morning…

Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA/Webstorm/PhpStorm, VSCode, Sublime Text and Atom for VueJS

I’m a big fan of Jetbrains products and I use IntelliJ IDEA 10 hours a day :-) During my reading time I found this article about a hyper lightweight IDE, — Lite. I asked myself “why do I need 16go of memory with 6 cores on my computer to write a “text” file ?” So, I decided to try another IDE especially for our front stack developed in VueJS and TypeScript. I also reviewed 4 IDEs on a real application. I checked the syntax highlight, the autocompletion, the error detection in HTML, TypeScript and Scss section of the .vue file.


Jeremy Rouet

Hi, I’m Jeremy Rouet. I’m CTO / cofounder at https://weet.co and https://speach.me. I love imagine new features / concepts.

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