Most of Chrome extensions have full access to your emails 📧, banking information 💰, family photos 🖼 and browser history! In this story, I will explain to you why you should pay attention to Chrome extensions. Most extensions abuse permissions by asking you for full access to your data

Why this 3 extentions have full access to my Netflix account… ??

Extensions can access everything !


Or How to reply to your CEO : — Good idea! It will be released next week. — Awesome, I love that 💕!

This is not a SCRUM story 🙃, but only how the product team is organized at to deliver the value for our clients as quickly as we can! Feel free to pick up what you like, and apply it (or not) with your team!

Let’s Go !

When you want to deliver…

Jeremy Rouet

Hi, I’m Jeremy Rouet. I’m CTO / cofounder at and I love imagining new features / concepts.

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