Why you should avoid most Chrome extensions !

Why this 3 extentions have full access to my Netflix account… ??

Extensions can access everything !

Why do Chrome extensions have full access to my data?

To install this extension you have to give permission to access your clipboard, and all your data on the websites you visit.
To the bottom, the information is read and stored by the extension. This information is only a declaration from the publisher. You have to trust him 🙏🤐 — Look at the “Keystroke logging”, → the publisher can record your keyboard even when you are typing your password.

You think it is only a few extensions that abuse permission? Take a look on the Chrome Store and try to install some extensions. You will be really surprised

Here are some extensions that ask you the permission to access to every website you visit…

How to recognize safe extensions ?

Here are 4 safe extentions, because they ask only what they really need

⚠️ Be careful if a website ask for *.google.com that means the extensions can access all Google services (gmail, meet, drive … ) and in this case you have to find a strong justification for that 😀

How can I manage that?

How to restrict extension access to my data on chrome
Deactivate an extension in incognito mode (This is the default option) 🙈




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